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7EA Masterclass is a hit with players and coaches

By James Shaw, 03/23/19, 4:30PM MDT


The 7 Elite Academy Coaching Masterclass saw hundreds of young players receive advice direct from the English Premier League.

Coaching staff from EPL teams dished out instructions during three days of free and exclusive sessions in the Salt Lake City and Weber/Davis regions from March 19th.

Further sessions – also including coaches from the EPL – will be held in the St. George region in May.

The coaching masterclass is part of a programme of events designed to bring the best international coaching techniques young players and coached at 7 Elite Academy.

Anthony Godfrey, Global Technical Director at 7 Elite Academy, said: “This masterclass camp was created to replicate the European professional academy coaching methods used in the English Premier League youth system and deliver an unforgettable experience for our players.

“Each coach who attended the course brought with them decades of truly invaluable experience of academy, professional first team and international football.

"They have coached and played with some of the best footballers known to the game, so I'm really pleased our players had the opportunity to learn from them over the past week.

“During this camp our players learned about certain aspects of the game. They were shown that applying yourself as young leader, taking accountability of your development goals, looking after your body, mastering ball and body control and having a winning mentality are all equally important.

“We know that the spring league season is about to start, so these sessions were the perfect way to prepare for upcoming competitions. Players will also use the lessons they learned throughout their careers, both on and off the pitch.”

Each session was overseen by a member of 7 Elite Academy's coaching staff, most of whom have also worked with players from top leagues across the world.

Ivan Guerrero, Head Coach at 7 Elite Academy, said: “It was great working with several different players that I haven't worked with and getting to meet all these different kids.

“It challenged me as a coach to adapt and I was delighted to see a camp of such high quality take place right here in Utah.”

Wayne Scholes, Chief Executive of 7 Elite Academy, added: “Our curriculum of education within soccer is something that gives players many positive, life-long memories and our masterclass was a fine example of that.

“All the coaching sessions were outstanding and showed our players many techniques that have literally been taken from the best training grounds in the English Premier League.

“The EPL is the finest soccer league in the world and through these sessions, 7 Elite Academy is connecting directly with those fantastic standards of player development.

“Our own high-quality and experienced staff were delighted to work with such great international coaching talent and bring a fantastic experience to 7EA youngsters.”