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7EA players invited to key event about "positive change"

By James Shaw, 05/04/19, 8:45AM MDT


7 Elite Academy is offering its players a place on a series of courses that inspire youngsters to maximize their athletic potential, talents and social influence to help others in their local community.

The Especially For Athletes program seeks to build positive change in the lives of people who may be downtrodden, depressed and in need of friendship, while also focussing on school and athletics.

The first event, designed for youngsters in the under-14 to under-17 age groups, will take place on Tuesday 7th May at 6.30pm at Salt Lake Community College. A second event is set to place the following Sunday - details to follow.

It is hoped this will be followed by a series of further talks and seminars, featuring inspiring classes held by staff from 7 Elite Academy .

E4A Founder Dustin Smith said: “I am very excited to be working with 7 Elite Academy. Especially for Athletes has 20 years of experience coaching and working with thousands of athletes across Utah.

“The program maximizes performance on and off the field, as well as tackle social concerns like suicide prevention, apathy, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse and cheating.

“By working with 7EA, we can harness the undoubted potential within local soccer players to help people who may need guidance at a particularly difficult time in their lives.”

Mr Smith has a great deal of personal insight into the pressures and stressors that young athletes experience and that places them in a vulnerable position.

His talk will deal with these issues and will offer advice on how to cope and grow as an athlete.

Wayne Scholes, Chief Executive of 7 Elite Academy, said: “We all know the damage that issues such as bullying, drug abuse and cheating can cause, so I am very keen for us to work with E4A.

“This first talk will give our players an opportunity to see how they can reach out to the local community and make good use of their skills, both on and off the pitch.

“Here at 7 Elite Academy, we are constantly striving to build links within our local communities, whether that is in Utah or at our other bases across the world.

“I am confident that our players will grasp this chance to continue building these partnerships that are so important to everyone involved.”

The event will take place at the following location:

Miller Campus - Salt Lake Community College

Auditorium 101

9750s 300 w

Sandy Utah 84070

For more details and to register, go to: