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7EA to launch in United Kingdom

By James Shaw, 06/20/19, 12:45AM MDT


International football brand 7 Elite Academy will launch in the United Kingdom later this month when it welcomes young players from across Liverpool to join the top academy.

The organization already runs hundreds of youth football teams all over the world, including the United States and Africa, alongside close links with teams in Australia.

Over the last decade, 7EA has gained international recognition for training programmes that are developed and delivered by professional coaches from the sport’s top leagues.

7 Elite Academy – United Kingdom, will initially run a number teams in leagues in the Merseyside area, playing and training at least three times a week.

The expansion will also create close working partnerships with 7EA in the United States and Africa, offering regular opportunities for visits and player exchanges.

Anthony Godfrey, Global Technical Director at 7 Elite Academy, said: “This is the start of a new era for our academy and we are so excited to work with players in one of the world’s most important footballing cities.

“Our coaching and personal development programmes are designed to help players make the most of their potential while also creating good young people, both on and off the pitch. We are here to support and build a grassroots programme that not many has ever seen before.

“The coaches we have here at 7EA have worked in Premier League Academies and Academies all around the world. They all have experience of developing youngsters at the highest level of football, but also mentoring coaches of all abilities to develop the game for the greater good.

“We are determined to deliver the same benefits that have already helped thousands of young people, including training and playing opportunities in the United States, Africa and Australia.

“7 Elite Academy is in the UK to support grass roots development for years into the future. This is about building something special that will help British youngsters and coaches to achieve their dreams.

“Our aim is to give grassroots players a feeling that they are part of a real academy experience and for them to have a sense of belonging that they are part of something special, important and productive.

“Just because these players and coaches aren’t in professional category academies doesn’t mean that they should be denied or not offered the opportunity of having the education, resources, opportunities and even kit to have that same feeling.

“We want to build a really close relationship with the Liverpool County F.A. as they continue to offer some fantastic CPD and coach mentoring events. We want utilise that support and our own development initiatives.”

The organisation will formally launch with a presentation in Liverpool on July 1st, as players gear up their preparations for the start of the junior football season in August and September.

Players will receive full 7 Elite Academy UK training and playing kit, alongside training and playing programmes with professional coaching and support staff.

Wayne Scholes, Chief Executive at 7 Elite Academy, said: “I grew up watching the world’s best players win trophies and turn Liverpool into the centre of the footballing world.

“To bring the 7EA brand to this fantastic city, where my family come from, is the fulfilment of a long-hold dream of mine. It will help to continue this region’s fine sporting reputation, both in the UK and all over the world.

“We have worked incredibly hard to develop youngsters in the United States and Africa, so it is exciting to give players in the UK a chance to work with our line-up of professional coaching staff.

“Every single young person who represents 7 Elite Academy will be part of a professional organisation that has their sporting and personal development as an absolute priority.

"We want to offer these fantastic opportunities to players across the United Kingdom and it is our intention to start working with other British teams as soon as possible.”