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Challenge to 7EA youngsters: Be a street challenge champion

By James Shaw, 07/01/19, 1:45PM MDT


7 Elite Academy players in the United Kingdom have laid down a fun challenge to their colleagues across the world to find the best trick shot.

The world-renowned youth soccer organization, which already has academies in the United States and Africa, announced its arrival in Britain with a presentation in Liverpool.

7 Elite Academy – United Kingdom, will initially run a number teams in leagues in the Merseyside area, playing and training at least three times a week.

And youngsters in Liverpool immediately set out to discover if players in the US and Africa can match their skills - in particular, a trick shot from Logan Deegan-Hughes (featured on our social media).

Coaches have already started receiving videos of trick shots from around the globe, as players continue to compete in a healthy, enjoyable fashion.

Anthony Godfrey, Global Technical Director at 7 Elite Academy, said: “The launch of 7EA in the UK is a milestone for everyone here and I am excited to see how players match up to those across the world.

“We have a lot of talented young players on our books in the United States and Africa, so there are plenty of really good trick shots out there for us to see.

“We saw a trick shot from Logan Deegan-Hughes and straight away we were keen to find out if players at other 7EA academies could produce something even more impressive.

“We are a diverse community of soccer fans, but we all love a good challenge.”

The organization already runs hundreds of youth football teams all over the world, including the United States and Africa, alongside close links with teams in Australia.

Over the last decade, 7EA has gained international recognition for training programmes that are developed and delivered by professional coaches from the sport’s top leagues.

Players can send their videos (ideally in MP4 or MOV format and around 15 seconds long) to: File transfer websites such as wetransfer can be used for larger files.

Wayne Scholes, Chief Executive at 7 Elite Academy, said: “Liverpool is one of the world's greatest footballing cities, so it is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream to bring 7EA to where my roots are.

“The expansion will create close working partnerships with 7EA in the United States and Africa, offering regular opportunities for visits and player exchanges. This challenge shows the fun has already begun!

“This is all about good, healthy competition and having fun with players who might live in different cultures, but they all share the same passion for football.

“We encourage this kind of communication, fun, and self challenge - providing a real sense of community to all our young people, whether they are in the United States, Africa or the United Kingdom.”