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Matt Brown: 'Social Distancing'

By Matt Brown, 03/25/20, 12:30PM MDT


Matt Brown, Head of 7 Elite Pre-Academy, shares his thoughts on how Social Distancing can have a powerful impact.

Here is a thought to start off your Monday and for most, your second week of “Social Distancing”

Words are some of the most powerful assets we have and as a result, I feel we need to change the way we say what we are all experiencing…
Let’s remove the word “Social” and insert “Physical”.
Social Distancing vs Physical Distancing, what is it?
Social Distancing suggests we alienate and isolate ourselves from the very thing that makes us human….the hunger for human connection and the desire to belong to something greater than oneself. We DO NOT want to be doing this…
Physical Distancing suggests we need to adapt and evolve, as our species has done for centuries, to find innovative ways to feed our social appetites and enrich others from a physical distance we may not be accustomed to. I have the utmost faith in humanity that we can and will do this to protect our brothers and sisters from unnecessary infections and deaths. I find this quote so beautiful and relevant. "The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings." ~Kakuzo Okakaura
This indicates a very important distinction. During such uncertain times when the world is catapulting pungent new versions of stress and anxiety, it is more important than ever to remain connected with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and even those you may not even know. We now must find more creative and innovative ways to remain connected and support the strength that is Humanity.
I challenge all of you to take a few minutes each day to drop someone a line, see how they are doing, see if there is anything you can do to help them. This morning when I opened my front door, someone had left a genuine sidewalk chalk message on my front porch. It read, “Thank You for being a Great Neighbor!”. While this may seem such a tiny act, the impact can be monumental.
“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” ~Howard Zinn  


Matt Brown