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7 Elite Academy Tanzania gives help with food donations

By James Shaw, 03/30/20, 3:45AM MDT


Families of 7 Elite Academy Tanzania players have been given a free supply of food and essential items in a bid to help beat the Covid-19 pandemic.

The culture in Tanzania is for families to shop at local markets every day, with wages also often paid on a daily basis.

But the spread of Covid-19 is making daily shopping increasingly difficult, as families in Tanzania look to avoid crowded marketplaces and shops.

7 Elite Academy Tanzania has stepped forward to help players' families continue their way of life by donating a minimum of a week's supply of shopping, free of charge.

Reggie Wilson, President of 7 Elite Academy Tanzania, said: “In Tanzania most families go to the market every day to purchase food for that day, but at the moment that just isn't practical or safe.

“Many people here are paid daily, so they can't buy a week's supply of food and other items in one go. It means they have to put their loved ones' lives at risk.

“Wayne Scholes saw this and has arranged for all players' families to receive a minimum of a week's supply of essential shopping items.

“We hope that this effort gives a bit of peace to our players and their families in this uncertain time and gives them the ability to practice social distancing more effectively.

“It has been fantastic to see 7 Elite Academy come together as a worldwide organisation and help our players in Tanzania.”

The food that was donated included corn flour, rice, sugar and beans, alongside other essential weekly items.

7 Elite Academy was given special dispensation by the Tanzanian government to distribute the food, as gatherings of more than ten people are currently banned.

Coaches Thomas and Kiemba helped to organise and distributed the items, while the process was overseen by local government chairman Yusuph Kilema.

Wayne Scholes, Executive Chairman of 7 Elite Academy, said: “When I learned of the situation with our players and their families in Tanzania, I knew our organisation would come together as a global family to help out.

“7 Elite Academy world wide is in the second week of its Home Technical Programme and this will hopefully give our players the ability to continue developing while at home.

“We are confident that when this world crisis is over, 7 Elite Academy players will be both physically and emotionally fit. 

“We are excited to see all of our players playing as teams once again but for the meantime we will do our best to continue the work forward.”