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Players thanked for "responsible" attitude

By James Shaw, 05/20/20, 4:00AM MDT


7 Elite Academy youngsters across the world have been praised for their responsible attitude to Covid-19 restrictions, as the organisation's Home Technical Program moves into a tenth week.

Although some restricted training sessions are allowed to take place in Utah, according to government conditions, players are still being urged to continue showing caution and follow social distancing.

And with sessions in the United Kingdom and Africa still on hold due to government restrictions, the weekly 7 Elite Academy Home Technical Program remains a key part of players' training programmes.

7 Elite Academy has also held regular team meetings and one-to-one coaching sessions via Zoom, while Online Masterclass sessions have featured professional players Wil Trapp and Stephen Warnock.

The organisation is now recognising outstanding effort and determination through a Players of the Week scheme.

Anthony Godfrey, Global Technical Director at 7 Elite Academy, said: “Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have sought to protect our young people, give them opportunities to continue training and show them new ways to learn.

“Right now, nothing has changed on those points. Our players in Utah are taking part in restricted training sessions, but they are still observing strict social distancing measures. I can't emphasise how important that is.

“That means for our players in the UK and Africa, as well as those in the US who are still self-isolating, our Home Training Program is absolutely vital. We are sending them training plans and holding regular online team meetings.

“I am so proud of the responsible attitude shown by all our players during these restrictions, which have changed our way of life in some many ways. They have been an inspiration.

“Of course would be nice to jump straight back into full training and matches, but that wouldn't be responsible or safe. Our priority has always been the safety of our young people, and that is not about to change.”