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7 Elite Pre-Academy introducing a "vision"

By James Shaw, 07/08/20, 12:30AM MDT


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Pre-Academy training sessions are fulfilling a key role in the long-term vision of 7 Elite Academy as more players progress into the main academy system.

The 7 Elite Pre-Academy is designed to offer youngsters in the Under-4 to Under-7 age groups an introduction to basic soccer skills in a safe, controlled and fun environment.

Coaches encourage players to develop a love of the game during their formative years within Pre-Academy, while also working on key social skills within team surroundings.

In the two years since 7 Elite Pre-Academy was formed, a steady stream of players has progressed to the academy’s main age groups, with several new teams formed after tryouts in Utah.

Anthony Godfrey, 7 Elite Academy Global Technical Director, said: “Pre-Academy is the foundation pillar for us and we want to influence the type of player we want to create as early as possible.

“A successful Pre-Academy is part of the long-term vision of this academy. We want parents to see what we can do from day one through to the potential of players at 18.

“It is massive credit to the coaches and staff for what they’ve done in building Pre-Academy, both in the Salt Lake and Saint George areas.”

7 Elite Academy runs teams for hundreds of young people in the US, UK and Africa, alongside an annual international tournament that attracts players from across the world.

Each player at 7 Elite Academy has a long-term curriculum of learning that covers their time with the organization and future life prospects when they leave at 18.

“It’s a massive satisfaction for me to see the growth of 7 Elite Pre-Academy and I am so proud of the hard work everyone has put in,” the 7EA chief added.

“It’s in a really strong place now, especially in Saint George and Salt Lake, where the staff are working tirelessly, and we’re looking to do the same thing in the future. It is just common sense.

“If we can work with players at a young age, I would like to think that we have got a better chance of hitting all the goals and objectives that we have for players coming into this academy.”

The design of Pre-Academy training sessions is key to the success of the program, with staff carefully selected to work with young people on a range of topics.

Godfrey said: “The type of coaching that is involved with Pre-Academy is facilitating the sessions with minimal but effective coaching involved.”

“What we try to implement within sessions is very player led, but it is so important that we have the right coaching and messages.”