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7 Elite Academy opens college partnership

By James Shaw, 10/29/20, 7:30AM MDT


7 Elite Academy will offer young people the opportunity to continue playing while studying in Liverpool through a groundbreaking partnership with Coaching Connexions.

The affiliation will see 7 Elite Academy players from across the world study sports courses at the college, which is based at Jeffrey Humble Football Hub, Aintree and complemented by their new 4000 sq foot education centre just 1000m away.

Teams at the college in Liverpool will be branded as 7 Elite Academy, greatly expanding the reach of the organization and enabling it to offer world-class sporting and education programs.

7 Elite Academy runs teams for thousands of youngsters across the globe, with well-established training programmes in the United States, United Kingdom and East Africa.

Coaching Connexions was established in 2006 and is one of the leading sports training providers in the UK, with ten campuses in seven counties across the country.

Anthony Godfrey, Academy Director/President at 7 Elite Academy, is looking forward to seeing players benefit from the partnership.

He said: “This collaboration with Coaching Connexions will give our young people so many opportunities to continue playing for 7 Elite Academy, while also gaining crucial qualifications for later in life, whatever their goals may be.

“We want to show our players that they can remain with 7 Elite Academy once they reach 16 and still benefit from the training and developmental curriculum we offer, in conjunction with Coaching Connexions.

“There are countless chances for youngsters to have a fulfilling and enjoyable career in football, or further afield within sport, and we are determined to support that in any way we can.

“I am so excited to see our first players progress through Coaching Connexions and continue playing the sport they love.”

7 Elite Academy offers regular opportunities for players to travel and play abroad as part of their development, with several groups from the United States having trained and played with Premier League clubs.

And earlier this year, a team of youth players from Liverpool travelled to play – and win – at the 7 Elite Academy International Tournament in Mesquite, Nevada.

Godfrey added: “We want all our players to develop and thrive, which is so many have travelled across the world to enjoy rich experiences that give them crucial experience and lifelong memories.

“Already, a number of our players have gone on to sign with professional academies in the UK and Africa, and we are determined to continue that fine tradition.

“By working with Coaching Connexions we can help to nurture the talent within our players and help them to fulfil their sporting ambitions, whatever they might be.”

7 Elite Academy already works closely with leading semi-professional club AFC Liverpool and runs the club’s Under-18s side – offering further opportunities for players to progress within the game.

A launch event this week got the partnership under way, when players and staff from 7 Elite Academy, Coaching Connexions and AFC Liverpool gathered to give it their seal of approval.

Gary Judge, Director of Education at Coaching Connexions, said: “This is a great opportunity for us to work with an established international football organisation in 7 Elite Academy and help even more young people reach their potential.

“I have been very impressed with the professionalism shown by 7 Elite Academy at all levels, from the players themselves to the staff. It is an exciting time for us all.

“I am confident that having 7 Elite Academy work with us can only serve to further the development of the players we have studying with Coaching Connexions, and those who are looking to join us.

“The fact that we have campuses across the United Kingdom means regularly offer players the chance to work alongside experienced players at all levels of the game. That can only be a benefit for our students.”