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7 Elite Pre-Academy expands after Jamboree joy

By James Shaw, 02/24/21, 1:00AM MST


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7 Elite Pre-Academy Manager Matt Brown believes this month’s Jamboree has sparked a buzz amongst parents about the organization’s program for younger players.

The youth soccer event, which took place during the 7 Elite Academy International Tournament, saw players in the 2013 to 2016 age brackets scrap it out.

Tournament bosses created the Jamboree to offer younger players a safe, fun introduction to soccer within a competitive environment, albeit with additional emphasis on participation.

The Jamboree is part of a wider Pre-Academy program that includes weekly training sessions in Salt Lake City and Saint George, with plans to expand throughout the rest of Utah.

Matt said: “This marquee event has definitely created a buzz of conversation within the youth soccer community. I want to continue growing our Jamboree by recruiting more teams and clubs to participate.

“The success of the event has hopefully inspired parents to share their experience with their social circles and this encourages other parents to come out and give our Pre-Academy program a try. 

“I had a handful of parents sign their players up in SLC the weeks leading up to the event just for the simple fact of wanting their player to play in the Jamboree.

“Now they see the massive benefits of the weekly sessions and our Pre-Academy program as a whole. 

“We want to foster this growth and maintain our high standards of training and coaching.

“We continue to take in new players week by week, as our Pre-Academy is always open and we want to work with more young people.”

Weekly Pre-Academy sessions follow the Jamboree’s theme of fun and competition, with training exercises that aim to create a life-long love of soccer for younger players.

Matt added: “Players, parents and coaches were all smiles throughout the Jamboree. The fields were in great condition, the weather was beautiful and players were able to soak in the big tournament atmosphere. 

“I saw players giving high fives, smiling, laughing and most importantly friendships growing. I even saw some of the most creative goal scoring celebrations ever from these little stars. 

“The players love for the game definitely grew as many players were itching to play and get back on the field once subbed off. I expect to see a lot more players join us on a weekly basis after such a great tournament.”

The success of the Jamboree has led to tentative plans for a summer event, with youngsters from across Utah taking part.

Matt said: “In the Salt Lake City area, I would like to create a summer Jamboree event where we can host multiple club’s Pre-Academy teams and players.

“It would also give our Saint George players an opportunity to travel and play as our SLC youngsters did during the tournament Jamboree.”