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Parents delighted with visit from star Milner

By James Shaw, 09/14/18, 10:15AM MDT


A full video from parents will be released on Monday.

Seven Elite Academy parents have told of the “incredible” experience that Premier League footballer James Milner brought to the organization this month.
Milner was in Utah for a three-tour from September 2nd and delivered a series of coaching masterclasses to hundreds of youngsters.
The former England midfielder, who won the EPL title in 2011 and 2014, also worked with players in the Seven Elite Academy Schools programme.
Jason Smith, whose son plays for Seven Elite Academy 07B, was delighted to see an athlete of Milner’s caliber take to the field in Salt Lake City.
He said: “It was incredible that James was in the Champions League final in May, and then all of a sudden he was here in Utah, playing soccer with my son.
“It was an awesome experience and it was all about the kids. They just enjoyed it so much. As a parent, I couldn’t have been happier for them.”
Matt Smith, who has sons playing for Seven Elite Academy 05B and 09B, was impressed with the intensity of training drills that Milner brought to the sessions.
He added: “The boys loved every second and just enjoyed talking to him. I also liked how when they were doing drills, James would come in and make a suggestion, and his career brought a lot of cache to that.
“They understood that this was somebody who really knows the game and you take his advice seriously. He’s been there, he’s been through the grind.
“I also think it was good for them to see that it’s not just all about playing games. They saw how hard he trains and how hard he works. They realized that if they want to continue playing sports, then practice is a big part of that.”
Kim Comrad’s son also plays for Seven Elite Academy 07B and she was impressed to see Milner pass on the experience of over 600 appearances in the top fight of English football.
She said: “It was amazing that he came here and he was so personable with kids on the field. It was awesome to have someone with his ability and experience here.
“James was so down to earth with every player and he did so much with them during the coaching sessions.”