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7EA offers refuge to students during emergencies

By James Shaw, 10/25/18, 5:45AM MDT


7 Elite Academy has invited an elementary school in West Jordan to use its indoor base as a place of refuge during emergencies.

The organization will open the doors at the 20,000 sq foot facility to pupils from Terra Linda Elementary School when evacuations are required.
A drill session was held this month, when hundreds of youngsters and staff were taken to the building, accompanied members of the Jordan School District.
Julia Howard, Community Liaison Officer at 7 Elite Academy, was happy to see the drill progress without a hitch.
She said: “The purpose of this drill was to give children an alternate location to go in case of an emergency. Of course, we all hope it will never be necessary.
“As a partner of this community, we are happy to make our indoor facility available for this use. Everyone involved in the drill worked quickly and professionally. We want to do everything possible to remain at the heart of our local communities, both in West Jordan and across Utah.”
Principal Karen Gorringe, along with a police escort, oversaw the drill event and made sure all children had a buddy to walk with from one location to another.
Once they arrived at the building, the children were accounted for and given designated areas to stay.

Members of the Jordan School District were present to better understand how this evacuation worked and to use this as a model for other schools.
Daren Woolstenhume, General Manager of 7 Elite Academy, said: “Working with local all residents is a key aim of what we do.

“Although we are determined to build young and successful soccer players, on and off the pitch, we also want to be a central part of our local community.
“I am happy that we can offer Terra Linda Elementary School this facility, should it ever be required.

“The drill showed that by working together, we can help to keep people safe.”