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7 Elite Academy set for Australian adventure

By James Shaw, 11/13/18, 7:15AM MST


7EA Global Technical Director Anthony Godfrey has hailed the “amazing” fundraising efforts that have given 15 young players the opportunity to play in Australia next week.

A team from 7EA will play clubs from across the world in the Brisbane International Tournament from November 15th, as part of a two-week trip that also includes a tour of the famous Gold Coast.

Each player has had to personally raise thousands of dollars to pay for the expedition, with many opting to work and generate cash in their local communities.

And those fundraising efforts are expected to stand the players in good stead, both during tour and in future years.

Godfrey said: “I have heard some of the stories about our players working so hard to raise funds for this trip and it has been an amazing effort from everyone involved.

“We always say, as coaches, that you need the ability to inspire your players. But to hear about how the youngsters have been fundraising has inspired me, and many others as well.

“Touring Australia will of course be a great experience, but it is the life lessons that the youngsters have learned over the last few months that will be equally important.

“I have always said that if you want something, you have to go out and earn it. You need the hunger and determination to succeed, and our players have done just that.”

Youngsters have spent the last two months carrying out a range of duties in their communities across Utah, including car washing, food sales and even yard sweeping.

Those fundraising efforts culminated in dinner and silent auction on October 27th, when key additional funds were generated for the trip.

Wayne Scholes, CEO of 7 Elite Academy, said: “This tour of Australia will be the trip of a lifetime for our players and they have made me so proud with their hard work.

“It is such an exciting trip for them and I can’t wait to hear the stories of what they’ve seen and experienced in Australia.

“This trip is just part of the program we run for developing good young people who can succeed in all areas of life.”

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