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7EA joins with charity to coach youngsters in Liverpool

By James Shaw, 02/27/19, 7:45AM MST


Young football players in Liverpool joined Elite Academy and local charity An Hour For Others for a training session in the city.

The event, held at the Powerleague complex near Anfield, was led by 7EA coaching staff Anthony Godfrey, David Mayer, Dave Rogers and Jean-Claude Gay.

It was the second in a series of similar events held by 7EA in Liverpool, following an initial coaching session at the same venue in December.

Players were taught a range of fundamental football skills during the two-hour gathering, as well as lessons in how to develop their fitness away from the pitch.

Anthony Godfrey, Global Academy Director at 7EA, also serves as a Sporting Ambassador with An Hour For Others.

He said: “We have built some really good relationships with the young people here in Liverpool and it means a lot to us that we're able to build on our work within the community and see the progress of the players.

“It's great we can keep on giving them something that can go a long way, especially within their childhoods, as they continue to develop as good young people.

“Football naturally provides life lessons within the sport, such as punctuality, discipline, dedication and commitment. All those things go towards the make-up of a top footballer or top professional in any field of life.”

Youngsters were invited from schools in the local area, as part of a drive to develop football skills during the half-term holidays.

Kris Harris, from Pinehurst Primary School in Anfield, was present to watch a number of his students during the event.

He said: “This sort of thing is fantastic at any time and our students love to have a kick around at school during break times, for example.

“But to receive receive coaching of this quality is not something we see very often and it is something that we really do appreciate.”

An Hour For Others works to improve the lives of families and young people across Liverpool, and helped to set up the coaching event with 7 Elite Academy.

Kevin Moorland, from AHFO, said: “This is the second coaching session we've had here with 7EA and there's been a great turnout from local youngsters, which is great to see.

“A lot of them wouldn't normally get the chance to receive coaching like this and to such a high standard. By the looks of it they are all having a fantastic time.”

7 Elite Academy Chief Executive, Wayne Scholes, added: “We are delighted to work with An Hour For Others on this ongoing project to deliver quality coaching to young people in Liverpool.

“Kevin and his team at An Hour For Others do a wonderful job of improving the lives of so many people in Liverpool, so it is only right that we lend them a hand.

“Our staff are determined to bring the high standards of coaching that we use in Utah to players across the world, including the United Kingdom.

“We believe that by doing this, we can help to develop even more young people by teaching them vital skills, both on and off the pitch.”