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Parents Resources


Every month, the 7 Elite Academy management team will be producing a newsletter for parents. It is jam-packed with crucial information and news for all 7EA parents, players and coaches.

We reflect on all the key events, achievements and plans that shape the future of our Academy and most importantly, our players.

If you would like to see your team, favourite player or even just your favourite photo featured in a future edition, then please email

Download each edition of the 7 Elite Academy newsletter below:

Recent Communications to Parents


We understand that staying in close contact with your coaches and managers at 7 Elite Academy is a clear priority for parents. Below are our primary contacts.

Salt Lake City, Utah Office: +1 385 351 3496

Saint George, Utah Office: +1 385 251 8781

Liverpool, England Office: +44 (0)151 370 1892




Please see our Parent/Player Communications Flow Chart below on how and where to send your questions.

Social media content

We are always delighted to receive photographs, video and any other content from matches or training sessions, for use on official 7 Elite Academy (7EA) social media.

There are, however, a number of requirements we must follow, to ensure all content remains within brand guidelines.

These include:

ALL players should be wearing official 7EA kit or 7EA training or tryout or camp jerseys.

Coaches should be wearing official 7EA or 7EA training gear.

Assistant Coaches should be wearing an official 7EA training jersey.

All other staff should be wearing official 7EA training kit or 7EA gear.

No one should substitute 7EA training gear for an 7EA t-shirt.

If you have content that you would like to be used on official 7 Elite Academy social media, please send it to:

Sports Engine Helps

Contact Us

Salt Lake City Area

Phone: +1 385 351 3496

Saint George

Phone: +1 385 251 8781



Phone: +1 801 940 0022