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Tryouts - Join 7 Elite Academy

7 Elite Academy is an international youth soccer organization with hundreds of teams in the United States, United Kingdom and Africa. 

We place player development, both on and off the pitch, at the core of everything we do. Our links with leading universities across the world are designed to offer young people opportunities for sports and education far beyond their time with us.

7 Elite Academy strives for a true academy environment - players are developed by a group of professionally licensed coaches.  They themselves receive regular development opportunities from U.S. Soccer, UEFA, the English FA and English Premier League clubs to help them improve, as part of our one to one coach mentoring program.

The coaches at 7 Elite Academy then pass that professional experience to our young people, who see significant benefits and progress in their own development.

The Academy places high value on players who embrace The Academy ETHICS!; Excellence, Tenacity, Honor, Innovation, Community, Sacrifice, (! - and your own personal value)

Players who wish to embrace and excel in these areas, both on and off the field, are highly valued and encouraged to join us.

7 Elite Academy is offering players a fantastic opportunity to participate in the world-renowned Junior Premier League - one of the fastest-growing youth soccer organizations in the United States.

The JPL, created in 2011, is the largest youth soccer league in England and was launched as JPL USA in the Mountain West region this year, offering direct routes to National Finals via their partnership with US Club Soccer.

7 Elite Academy is the latest club to sign up to play in the JPL Mountain West National Premier League during the 2023/24 season, as well as the Mountain West Multi-State Cup.

Utah Tryouts - Click on the tab below for more info in your area

Age Groups for the upcoming 2024-2025 Seasonal Year

Birth Year Age Group
2019-2020 Pre-Academy 1
2017-2018 Pre-Academy 2
2016-2017 Under-9 (U9)
2015 Under-10 (U10)
2014 Under-11 (U11)
2013 Under-12 (U12)
20112 Under-13 (U13)
2011 Under-14 (U14)
2010 Under-15 (U15)
2009 Under-16 (U16)
2008 Under-17 (U17)
2007 Under-18 (U18)
2006 Under-19 (U19)

Joining 7 Elite Academy in Utah - Questions & Answers

How many practices/games are there each week?

In Utah, practices are generally held twice per week and a typical week will have one game. Some weeks may have an additional game as well. The league game season runs from August to October and then again from March to May.

Our elite Saba College Showcase travel teams can practice up to 3 times a week, not including opportunities to work with physical therapists, sports psychologists, attending film study sessions and college recruiting seminars, and other Saba events.

What days of the week do games and practices take place?

The majority of league games occur on Saturday, but can take place on any day of the week, except Sunday.  Practices are generally held between Monday and Friday.

Where do practices take place?

Practices are determined by the Coach and Team Manager. We do secure fields for practice that teams can utilize as well. Also, as part of 7 Elite Academy, teams in the Salt Lake Metro area have access free of charge to our indoor training facility during winter months.

Where do games take place?

In Salt Lake, games take place at the West Jordan Soccer Complex and Terra Linda Elementary (just around the corner from our indoor training facility). In Utah County they typically take place at Osier Park.

In St George the league sets the locations, typically at Little Valley Fields,  Sullivan Soccer Park, and a mix of other locations. 

In Weber/Davis County games typically take place at Roy West Park or Weber County Fairgrounds.

Do they participate in any tournaments?

Participation in tournaments is determined on a team level with the parents and coaches. We encourage every team to participate in tournaments, most especially in the 7 Elite Academy International Tournament held the first weekend in February in Saint George, Utah and Mesquite, Nevada. 

What is the fee structure for being on the team?

The price points are not published because they vary depending on the area you live in, and are also based on the age of the player. Please email for our fees structure.

We hope this helps to answer some of your questions. For all other questions please email

7 Elite academy US

Salt Lake, St George, Northern Utah

Phone: +1 385 351 3496


7 Elite Academy UK


Phone: 0151 370 0098


7 Elite academy TANZANIA

Dar Es Salaam

Phone: +1 385 351 3496